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    Pseudo-well 伪井
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    A Well 一口井
    Lego 乐高
    My Aunt 我的二姨
    3:30 AM 凌晨3点半

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3:30 AM

During the 1st month of jumping into the United States, I strongly felt an absence of self and belongingness. Also, as a young person, I had been feeling lost. I associated myself with homelessness, pushing a shopping cart and wandering at midnight. I used a shopping cart and a traditional Chinese red belly cover costume (红肚兜, designed for a newborn baby) as a instrument to represent home and goal searching. At 3:30 midnight I played the game with the shopping cart to demonstrate the fragments of my life here. It was such a torturous process. To make these unfocused images, I intentionally turned on a flashlight as another way to show a distance and disconnectedness.

2017 年


Installation View at the Hult Center for the Performing Art
安装展示于 Hult 表演艺术中心,俄勒冈州