Junwei Zhang


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Junk tires, projection mechanism, kinect camera, slide, wood platform 
Dimensions variable

↓ Artist Statement

Only during crisis, disaster, war time, humans become equal, sort of, I prefer to say "Humans become raw". This rawness means either being crude and natural or a need to be developed.

Being a Chinese passport holder in the United States at this moment, I am experiencing how different local societies with different mindsets, doctrines and mechanisms view and cope with the uncertainty and potential fatal COVID-19. At the same time, our robust man-made systems including institutional education, transportation system, medical systems and etc are not functioning normally.

Our human way of living has been chasing after so-called modernization and globalization, however, the self-isolation, social distancing period can be considered as de-industrialization and de-globalization. Suddenly, without any preparation, it’s sending us back to the time before the Age of Discovery in which access to other physical areas was limited and time-consuming, and people are stuck in their local community. This is also the background of my project. After the Age of Discovery and Industrial Revolution, the following era became the Age of Invasion, Colonization and Exploitation. We have discovered or exploited enough. It is a perfect time to ask "Have we discovered too many things that are not supposed to be discovered? If we don’t have the capability or knowledge to handle consequences, why bother to discover?"

While never overtly alluding to these issues of the struggle of the individual in relationship to the dark side of globalization, my work Pseudo-well is a response to and enacts an experience related to these tensions. I use tires as a means to reflect the most essential need which drives our revolution — moving. I realized that the need is not food, not sex, not humanity, it’s about conquering, discovering. 

Front view

Side view

Back view

Bottoom view

Top view (interactive video inside the well)

Top view (interactive video inside the well)

Top view (interactive video inside the well)