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Thank You
Tissue roll, drawing, text

“Accepting and rejecting are equally one thing.”
—— Marcel Duchamp on Jean-Paul Sartre’s refusing to be awarded the Nobel Prize in 1964

In Thank You project (in-progress), Junwei collected the Japanese mass-produced toilet tissue rolls — revealing ありがとう("thank you”) after being used up — from Japan to the U.S.. Then, he regularly visited many overseas Japanese gardens — meticulously imitating. By exchanging and acknowledging their presence, thus, Junwei unveils that the toilet tissue and overseas gardens are equally one thing, ありがとう("thank you”) becomes the polite mediation of that embarrassment.

In the overseas Japanese gardens’ restrooms, Junwei installed his toilet tissues on which he hand-drew iconic Japanese homeland gardens. Alongside the drawing, the sentence "Do you enjoy my Japanese garden drawing? Please email me at ... " is written.


”拒绝与接受其实是一件事。“ —— 马赛尔· 杜尚评 让-保罗 · 萨特拒绝1964年诺贝尔奖一事


Installed at

日本屋花园,伊利诺伊州香槟市 Japan House, Champaign, IL
波特兰日本花园,俄勒冈州波特兰市 Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR
密苏里植物园日本园,密苏里州圣路易斯市 Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO