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365 Days

365 Days (in-progress) was conducted in post-covid China. By borrowing the action of scanning under zero-Covid policy, 365 Days examined how the fragile pride and effortless self-esteem based on short-term pragmatism in China foolished both the government and citizens. Thus, the powerful and the powerless collectively completed a self-scripted, self-directed and self-acted contemporary tragicomedy. Hence, 365 Days entails the tickets to that tragicomedy of “self-enslavement” a new form of governmentality which allows the powerless to suddenly forget their vulnerability and sorrow. 

《365 天》创作于后疫情时代的中国。在“零容忍”和“扫码”之间,国民和国家一起被易碎的骄傲和无需费力的自尊玩弄了一把。由于举国上下只充斥着短期的“务实”和“解决问题”,这让有钱的有权的和可恨的可怜的人一起完成了一部自编、自导、自演的当代大型悲喜剧。而这部国民与国家共同完成的悲喜剧就是“愚民政策”,而“愚民政策”的最高境界就是“民自愚(娱)” —— 一种基于语言的低成本的统治术,无需提问,也不用调查,甚至不反抗,可以出神入化到让无助的可怜的人忽然忘记他的无助与可怜,转而也跟着像哑火的烟花一样骄傲和自尊起来。《365 天》截取了 2022 年每一天与中国疫情相关的一则符号性标志性文字性新闻瞬间,完成品(正在制作)是一部 365 页的日历。