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Udon Noodle

Udon Noodle (in-progress) is a musical album made neither from musical instrument nor by a singer; rather it’s a collection of sounds from udon consulting worldwide. This album was inspired by a well-dressed CEO-like Japanese businessman eating at Tokyo train stop. As soul food of Japan, Udon’s way of cooking and eating is fairly simple, options on the menu seem endless but highly alike. Instead of saying Udon is a kind of food, I rather believe it is a kind of inclusive social agreement to temporarily erase one’s identity, class, culture and being. This album consists of 12 different songs corresponding to 12 different Udon.

2022 年

《乌冬面》是一部非乐器非乐手构成的音乐专辑(制作中),它是由 Junwei 在日本各地品鉴乌冬面音频的收录。这部专辑的灵感最初来自于 2019年日本东京火车站,偶遇一穿着打扮酷似 CEO 的男子吃乌冬面的样子。作为日本的灵魂食物,乌冬面吃法做法简单随便,菜单上极其相似的各种乌冬在我看来不是食物,而是一种高容纳性的集体参与的社会协议,更是可以将身份、归属、文化和情绪抹去的借口和工具。

《乌冬面》由 12 首曲子构成,分别对应 12 种乌冬:

1. Kake Udon 卡壳乌冬
2. Zaru Udon 砸入乌冬
3. Salad Udon 沙拉乌冬
4. Ebi-tenpura Udon 天妇罗虾乌冬
5. BuuKake Udon 不卡壳乌冬
6. KamaAge Udon 釜乌冬
7. Niku Udon 肉乌冬
8. Shioyo Udon 酱油乌冬
9. Yudame Udon 湯乌冬
10. Nukuidama Buu Kake Udon 温玉卡壳乌冬
11. Tsumetai Yashi Udon 冷亚希乌冬
12. Nukui Dama Kake Udon 温玉卡壳乌冬