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Out of Date

I have been thinking that we human being nowadays are left behind by something, some say it’s technology, maybe. I say humanness. A couple of years ago, when I started watching the daily news, I felt that people are becoming more and more insane and crazy. This world is changing very fast, however, as human being, we are updating relatively slower than this world itself. Sooner or later, we will be out of date. Technology, will be replaced by complexity.

I found these cables, wires and adaptors in the trash cans. I made these cables a suit and hung it on the wall. I also put it on my body and interacted with items (The exhibition is about the history of Oregon) in the museum. Thus, it is very clear to tell what is out of date.

Single-channel Video (color, sound).
Duration: 2 min, 59 sec


Installation: 150 cm × 40 cm

LVK Gallery
Feb, 2018